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Orbis Global Equity Fund (Australia Registered)

Our Story

Orbis is an international contrarian investment firm managing approximately AUD 35 billion in global and regional equity funds. Our worldwide team comprises over 380 professionals, with over 270 investment specialists based in Bermuda, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco and Sydney.

International investors have been investing in Orbis’ flagship Bermuda based Global Equity Fund for more than 25 years. The Fund is priced in US dollars and has outperformed its benchmark since its inception on 1 January 1990, achieving a net return of 12.1% per annum compared to the FTSE World Index return of 7.0% per annum. Expressed in Australian dollars, the Fund has achieved a net return of 12.0% per annum compared to the FTSE World Index return of 7.0% per annum.

Australian and New Zealand retail investors can now access the same global equity expertise through an Australian registered fund which is priced in Australian dollars and has been available to Australian wholesale investors since 2005.

  • Investment Mandate

    Designed to remain fully invested in global equities. It aims to earn higher returns than world stockmarkets without greater risk of loss. The benchmark is the MSCI World Index with net dividends reinvested, expressed in Australian dollars ("MSCI World Index"). Currency exposure is managed relative to that of the MSCI World Index. The Orbis Global Equity Fund (Australia Registered) was launched to wholesale investors on 30 June 2005. Retail investors are able to invest in the Fund from 1 December 2015.

  • Who Should Consider Investing?

    • An investor looking for an actively managed portfolio of global equities
    • An investor able to be invested for more than 5 years
  • Returns in Australian dollars (net of fees) - 31 Aug 2017

    The Fund’s net return information until 30 November 2015 is illustrative and based on returns of the wholesale class after applying the Retail Class fee. Returns from 1 December 2015 are actual returns of the Retail Class.

    % Returns (Annualised)Orbis Global Equity Fund (Australia Registered)MSCI World Index*
    Since Inception
    (30 Jun 2005)
    10 years7.14.7
    5 years20.717.1
    3 years13.411.9
    1 year15.710.1

    Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Orbis Funds’ unit prices fluctuate and are not guaranteed. When making an investment in the Funds, an investor’s capital is at risk. Returns may decrease or increase as a result of currency fluctuations.

    Returns are calculated gross of all income, assume reinvestment of distributions, are net of all fees and expenses and exclude any spreads that might be payable.

    Orbis Retail Class returns are based on a hypothetical investment in the class at the inception of the Fund with no subsequent transactions.

    Returns, other than for periods less than one year, are annualised. Where returns are annualised, the average amount of money earned is expressed as a percentage each year over a given time period.

    *net of withholding taxes

  • Share classes

    • Retail Class

    1% p.a. base fee plus 25% performance fee subject to refund for subsequent underperformance.
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  • BenchmarkMSCI World Index, with net dividends reinvested, expressed in Australian dollars ("MSCI World Index")
    Reporting CurrencyAustralian dollars
    Fund TypeAustralia registered managed investment scheme
    Minimum Investment / Regular Savings PlanA$10,000 / A$500 per month
    Minimum Subsequent TransactionA$1,000
    Unit application priceEqual to the unit price plus 0.25% (Buy spread)
    Unit redemption priceEqual to the unit price minus 0.25% (Sell spread)
    Unit price at 15 Sep 2017A$139.6782

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